*caution: This is under influence of ‘Shameless’ series marathon. The views are my own, you are free to quote and to judge.

Marriage is overrated. Even Adam and Eve don’t legalized their so-called-full-of-sins-relationship yet still acknowledged as one of the prophets. Even if it is exceptional the idea of getting hitched it’s just plain ridiculous.

The only thing that make sense is that you do it for the sake of ‘look normal’ in society. You fucked, get knocked up, get knocked up again, raised your kids, buy your own property, get sucked into forever-term-debt. There’s no happily ever after, it’s just troubles after troubles. Oh not to mention the pain in the ass kids too.
Headache yet?Even worse, it consists of the biggest lie on earth: a monogamy hypocrisy. Do not expect your spouse to be forever committed. You are not in a disney movies goddamn it. He/she will find someone better-looking, smarter, sexier, than you with the rest of your packs. Bare in my mind, in real life, sometimes your Disney fairy tale ends up feeling more like an endless ‘Tersanjung’ sinetron.
Besides, have not you heard that the love chemical thingy only last for 4 years?
Of course, you will think I am such a desperate bitch or assumed I have gone through bad things that I write things like this. I am not married and not even close thinking to get married. But been exposed to such modern marriage circumstances in life I think I have the right tot propose this kind of thoughts.I beg you please before plunging yourself into it, before spend millions rupiah on a big wedding reception full of people you barely know, think about it carefully. And if you still willing to do it, good luck.